What is the great mobile tracker ?

Track, trace and record your mobile phone with the innovative, easy to use, and hassle free the great mobile tracker. By monitoring SMS messages, incoming/outgoing call details, email inbox/sent-box, and GPS locations, this ingenious programme allows you to back-up your mobile phone and have a detailed record of its activity.

As well as duplicating all the phone's call logs and pinpointing its exact location every fifteen minutes, the great mobile tracker also includes Stealth Auto Answering technology, which in the event of theft allows you to hear conversations and activity in the handset's vicinity.

The software is simple to set up and use, all you have to do is provide your phone's IMEI number and the information will be displayed using easy browse categories. Even if the mobile phone's records are deleted, the data will still be available for you to view via the secure online account.

With the phone owner/user's consent, you can use the software to monitor your spouse, employees, and children for safety and security.


  • Install the programme on your own phone as a backup device
  • Monitor SMS,call logs, and emails - sent and received
  • Keep track of your children
  • Find your phone if it is lost or stolen
  • Find out the whereabouts of your loved ones